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About FilmWise
Filmwise had a simple beginning in late 1999. It began with a simple question, one friend to another: "Can you guess what movie this screenshot is from?" Nothing fancy, just a screenshot from a favorite flick.

From that, a friendly game of "Oh yeah, well can you guess this one?" emerged. Over time the puzzles got more complex, themes arose, and the infamous "Invisible" was born. This site represents a lot of work and a lot fun. We hope you enjoy it.

Friends since college (eons ago), Brian Kirk and Jim Balquist are the two wunderkind masterminds (The Boyz) who started FilmWise back in 2001. (That's Brian on the left and Jim on the right.)

Although Jim is no longer involved with the site (his family has taken priority over the last several years, the bastard!), The Boyz are still good friends who enjoy the occasional trip to Vegas, etc.

Brian is now the sole force behind FilmWise, and while he loves the site, he does have more of a life than he used to, which is why you don't see as many new quizzes and contests as you did in years past. Sorry. He always hopes to devote more time to FilmWise, but whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

The Boyz would like to thank Richard for his invaluable help in the development department.

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