I'd heard some okay things about this movie. Not great, but okay. So I was hopeful that it might be decent. I'm not so hopeful after the first ten minutes. The best word I can use to describe it so far is: "goofy." I mean, it's sorta pretty and stuff, but some of the choices made by the filmmakers has made the movie, well, goofy.
The opening shows a cheesy inscribed stone, with unimportant cheesy words, read in a cheesy narration, just in case we can't read. It's a completely useless ten seconds, and just kinda made me laugh. I don't think I was supposed to be laughing.
There are several other shots and actions and reactions in the next nine minutes and fifty seconds that just add to the goofiness. I'm sure the director thought some of these shots were clever, but they just seemed cliched, as if he's simply trying to mimmick cool shots he's seen in other movies.
Believe it or not, one of these images is NOT from The Wolfman.
It's obvious that this movie is an attempt to pay tribute to the classic horror films of the '30s and '40s, and I can respect that, but in a modern movie, the use of old techniques and devices comes across as just awkward movie making, as opposed to a skillful homage.
Maybe this will turn into a great movie. Probably not. Maybe it'll be good. I kinda doubt it. Maybe it'll be okay. That's possible, so I'll hope for that. I don't think I can hope for much more, cuz it's just too damned goofy.
So I did watch the whole thing, and it didn't get much better. Again, I respect the movie for going with the old-time look of the wolfmen. Unfortunately, I don't think it worked, and it ultimately made the movie more funny and less scary. Some pretty good kills were thrown in, but overall, it was just too, you guessed it... goofy.
Well, let me first start by saying that I don't normally do well with period films. When I watch something that is set in the 1800s, I find it impossible to pay attention. It is as if the main actors are all extras saying "Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Cantelope" to one another. I can't fucking focus on any conversations in films like this, so there is the warning.
Wolfman starts out with the super "Blackmoor, England 18.. whateverthefuck" with a man walking in the woods. We see the man walking through the woods is not a famous actor so of course he's fucked, and yes he got fucked, but in the most harmless way. It was like a trannie with long nails or an overgrown cat who had suddenly turned, basically not scary AT ALL, and I am scared of every thing.
Then the focus begins on Benicio Del Toro, he is horribly miscast for this role. I just keep expecting him to go into one of the voices that he is known for and its not happening. Instead I am making it happen in my head, maybe that is why I can't pay attention to the rest of the film, I keep wanting him to say "He scratch em for real'" in the same manner he says "He flip em for real", wayyyy too distracting.
I don't know, this film seems reeeaaaal stupid to me so I don't want to watch the rest of it, but I know Brian is going to watch the rest of it so I will just do that until I fall asleep.
Lets see as far as what is going to happenŠ Hmmm Benicio is going to nail Emily Blunt. Anthony Hopkins is a werewolf and Benicio's character has to kill him to save the town! I bet I'm right,, everty hing else in this film is painfully predictable.
(Bri: Sleepy time for Jess. She lasted all of five more minutes.)
I fell asleep 5 minutes later. Brian said that most of my predictions were correct. I'll just take his word for it.