I've been looking forward to seeing Super 8. Not enough to see it in the theaters, I guess, but I wanna see it nonetheless. It's not that I'm thinking it will be the greatest movie in the world, but I'm hoping it'll be something along the lines of the Harry Potter movies: Too childish for me now (at least the first two HP movies), but enough of a throwback to some of the early Spielberg movies to take me for an entertaining and nostalgic ride. And with J.J. Abrams at the helm and Spielberg himself producing, who knows, perhaps it'll even transcend its childishness.
So far, so good. We haven't really had time to get into the whole sci-fi part of the premise, but the movie is doing a good job of introducing us to the young characters. And for the most part, all of the kids seem very likeable and natural in their roles, which is key to a movie like this. It kinda seems like a modern take on the Goonies, even if the movie is set years before that movie came out. And if the kids aren't likeable in a movie like this, it's gonna suck.
And maybe this one will, but I kinda doubt it. Will it completely capture me as it might've when I was a kid? Most likely not. But if it's good enough that I know that it WOULD'VE captured me as a kid, that'll be good enough for me. And maybe there'll be some good special effects to add to the fun.
I will definitely keep watching this. I say "I" because, even though Jess seems to like it, it's pretty late, we just watched Larry Crowne (why???), and we had a long weekend of travel. I can see her eyes starting to gloss over, and pretty soon they'll be rolling back in her head. No matter how good this movie is, if she lasts more than ten or fifteen more minutes, I'll be shocked.
I definitely enjoyed the movie. However, I think I liked the interactions between the kids more than the actual sci-fi stuff. And the ending is much too hokey and perfectly wrapped up in a nice little happy package for my tastes. But all in all, a very entertaining and well-made flick.
I don't know, I really like it. I'm not used to liking movies in the first ten minutes, so I don't know what to say. It's really well done, and there are child actors who don't annoy me. They actually make me laugh. Let's see, it's shot beautifully and the story actually shows you, instead of tells you, what's going on.
I don't have anything snarky to say about this film, so I will say something snarky about Larry Crowne. That movie sucked so hard. How could a movie suck so hard?
Bri: Definitely a misleading Sleep Meter rating. As I stated before, she was doomed to fall asleep no matter how good the movie was.
Jess (after waking up): Well, I fell asleep but it seemed to have potential... So, um... I give it 4.5 stars until I see the entire thing. Comprehensive review coming soon. Okay, probably not. But maybe. I can't believe I stayed up for all of Larry Crowne and fell asleep during this movie. I suck.