Scott Pilgrim vs. the World certainly has a unique style to it. It's like video games and comic books and it makes for a good combination in this case. Of course, if you don't like Michael Cera, you'll probably not like it too much, cuz he plays Scott Pilgrim. But if you like him, you're in luck, cuz, well, he plays Scott Pilgrim.
Kieran Culkin's in it too, and he's starting to look like Robert Downey Jr. did when he was in his twenties. He even acts like him. Maybe people will actually know who he is in a few years. Anna Kendrick (Oscar nominated for Up in the Air) is in this as well, as Pilgrim's sister, but I don't think she's gonna get nominated for this one. It's kind of a throw-away role.
Basically, what happens in the first ten minutes is that we're introduced to all of Scott Pilgrim's friends and bandmates, and we learn that he has a new 17-year-old girlfriend who's still in high school. And all of his friends give him crap for dating a youngster.
I do like the style of it, with quick cuts and frenetic energy. It even has sound effects that appear in written form along with the actual sounds (a la the old Batman TV show). Scott hasn't had to take on the world yet, so we haven't gotten to any of the video game-style battle sequences, but I'm looking forward to seeing them.
Definitely a fun movie, but I wouldn't recommend it to those who are prone to epileptic seizures.
I was at dinner with my ex-husband the other night (BK: You were married before you met me??) and he mentioned how much he hated this film, then continued to tell me that he thinks that I would hate it too. So, naturally, that makes me want to love it. Which I do. And I don't think it's just my ex that is making me love it.
The style is like nothing I have ever seen before. There is so much creativity and, I know this sounds cheesy, but... freshness. Everything from the opening title sequence to the transitions in between scenes is completely original, and in a good way. Not just in a have-your-actors-stare-at-the-camera-for-five-minutes-without-saying-anything kind of art-film way (thank you, David Lynch). I could also be biased as I grew up on LOTS of video games and relate to the characters more than I probably should for a 32-year-old female.
I am also really ADD, so this movie is amazing to me because no scene is longer than 30 seconds thus far. Although I am a little tired of Michael Cera playing himself, it works really well in this film. In fact, I can't imagine anyone else playing his role. Well, maybe John C. Reilly. Just kidding, but wouldn't that be a funny movie? I wish that films would bring a different actor on set for a day just to have some random funny outtakes. Perhaps someone will do that.
(Bri: I thought she was gonna make it. I know she loves the movie, so I'm actually surprised to see her crap out with just a little bit left. She must've been really tuckered out. She'll watch the rest tomorrow, I'm sure.)
This movie was so good that I could have watched it again immediately after finishing it.