My only complaint about The Kids Are All Right is that The Who isn't anywhere to be seen or heard. Not one song. I mean, I knew going in that it wasn't that The Kids Are Alright (sic). But I really like The Who, and it woulda been nice for the filmmakers to open up with at least one Who song to make someone who was confused a little more comfortable. Maybe Baba O'Riley. Or Can't Explain. Or even The Kids Are Alright. But no dice.
Hey! There are no lesbians in here! Some damn good music, though...


As for the movie, it's pretty decent so far. Not a whole lot has happened, but it's doing a pretty good job of setting up the characters and story. A lot of people will see the movie and focus on the fact that this family is headed up by a lesbian couple (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore), as if that alone is overly interesting. But you'll soon realize that it's not that extraordinary, and this family is just like any other. With the one difference being that most of us hetero couples don't get a hankering for popping in gay male porn and diving under the covers with a vibrator. One half of that setup sounds flat-out unappealing to me, and the other half sounds either kinda cool or potentially painful, depending on who's wielding the hardware.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the movie. So, as I was saying, the family is basically like any other. They seem to get along fine overall, but they also have their little squabbles, so they're not perfect. And as it starting to set up, there's a sperm-donor dad out there (Mark Ruffalo) and the kids are getting curious. And at this point, so am I. Curious enough to keep watching and see how the story develops.
Good movie and stuff.
Well, the preview for Sofia Coppola's upcoming movie Somewhere played before this film, so I spent a lot of my time obsessing about that film and looking up info on it online. Then I noticed the director of this movie (Lisa Cholodenko) sounded familiar, so I spent another five minutes looking up info about her. (FYI, she is in a relationship with Wendy from "Lisa and Wendy" Prince fame.) So I admittedly was only paying partial attention. I think I should probably block myself from being able to go online when I'm supposed to be paying attention. Next time.
Okay, so where we left off... Mark Ruffalo was just introduced. He is the inevitable father that the kids are looking for, and the potential father figure that the son craves (as seen when he admires a father and son wrestling one another). Julianne Moore and Annette Benning have "We are busy adults" sex, which means they have also potentially lost the spark.
I am definitely interested in what will happen, but I am having a serious ADD moment, so I will do my best to pay attention. I typically love films like these but, find I'm struggling right now.
(Bri: She stayed awake for the entire film!)
I stayed awake for the entire film!