As if it's not already hard enough to review a movie based on the first ten minutes, along comes Iron Man 2 to cut our review time in half. That's because the first five minutes of the movie is just the opening credits. Okay, it's the opening credits with Mickey Rourke building scientific electricity shit in the background, but it's basically five minutes of filler that hastily sets up the you-killed-my-father-prepare-to-die revenge story. So this is actually going to be more-or-less a five minute movie review. And it's going to be pretty Stark. (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Get it?? Stark! That's the character's name! I'm so proud of me!)
Not much happens in the other five minutes to base much of opinion on Iron Man 2. Tony Stark (Downey) is a superhero/star who has let his fame go to his head. He loves himself and so does the rest of the world. The movie opens with a Tony Stark Expo going on in which Tony gets to be The Man for a while and go on and on about himself and his accomplishments. He has just enough time to make a few Stark-ish remarks before heading off the stage, and then the ten (five) minutes are up.
At least it's still Robert Downey Jr. playing Stark, which makes the first scene as entertaining as it can be. He plays the role perfectly, as he did in the original. So there's always hope that this will be as entertaining as the first movie. There's just no way to know based on what the first scene has given us. Of course, I'll keep on watching, cuz the first Iron Man was a big surprise to me (I loved it and I'm not a big comic book/ superhero movie guy), so perhaps this can live up to the original, or at least come close. Go Tony!
Yeah, that's right. I actually have to borrow Jess's Sleep Meter for this review. It's not that it's a bad or boring movie, I was just very, very tired. I'll watch the rest tomorrow.
It was decent, but not as good as the first. The final epic battle didn't seem as epic as I'd hoped, but whatever. It was still entertaining.
I love science in films. I wonder how many aspiring scientists have thought, "I want to be a scientist because it looks so cool in the movies"? Then they become scientists and are super disappointed because it isn't lasers and cylinders clicking into place just so to trigger a chain reaction of epic events that eventually lead to the laser of all lasers. Well, maybe it is, I don't know. I should probably ask a few scientists first before judging.
Anyhow, the first scene shows a Russian Mickey Rourke. He seems to speak Russian very well. He is doing very high-tech science techniques in his Russian basement. There is Russian revenge and scorn for Robert Downey Jr., so I'm instantly intrigued.
Weeeeeeeeeee! Hooray for science!
The second scene has a lot of extras and I find myself distracted, trying to find an extra in the crowd who is jerking it, or a lady who has whipped out a boob, or maybe a guy that just pulls his dong out for a second like in Teen Wolf. (Yes, this actually happened in that movie!).
I immediately stop looking for weird pervert extras when Robert Downey Jr. is on screen, because he is so charismatic and likable (no sarcasm, I promise). I love Robert Downey Jr., and I think that almost anything he does is gold. Also, he shoots out of the sky into an intro speech for his Expo with AC/DC blaring, a song that feels almost as good as Thunderstrike. I think they used that song in the first film, so I guess they didn't want to use it again. Anyway, I'm excited to keep on watching.
(Bri: Wow, she outlasted me, I'm so ashamed...)
One thing I just realized: Both times I watched Iron Man (1 and 2), I have been sick. Not sure if this hampers my opinion or not. Oh well.