Unfortunately, the cat was recently let out of the bag. So everybody knows that this movie is a hoax. Most of us probably suspected it was a hoax, but we were never certain. And now that we know, it's kind of a shame. I would've loved the opportunity to see this movie without that knowledge. In fact, I really wonder why they broke the news when they did, instead of waiting until it had finished both its theatrical run and the first few weeks of the video release.
That having been said, it's still an interesting movie, if for no other reason than to see what lengths some people will go to for the sake of art. (Or at least what they feel is art.)
For the first ten minutes, Joaquin walks around, mumbling incoherently, complaining about his acting career and life in general. I've heard that there's gonna be some fun stuff like hookers, cocaine, stuff like that, but it hasn't happened yet. They're still just kind of setting the whole thing up. So I'm gonna have to keep watching just to satisfy my curiosity about how far they take the ruse.
I don't know. As the movie progressed, I just kept thinking it was all anti-climactic. I mean, they went through this incredibly big charade, just to end up with a small movie that isn't really that good, and that nobody is gonna care about in the long run. I guess it's still interesting that they went through all of this, but I can't help but think they've got to be a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I just keep thinking: This is it? Shouldn't a publicity stunt as ambitious (if that's the right word) as this one add up to a bit more? I think so.
Hmmmm... I really don't know how to judge this at all. This is definitely an anticipated film (although it was a complete box office flop), and I do really appreciate the fact that Joaquin took a year off of his life to make this film. Well, if you think about it, that's what acting is anyway, right? Actors take a few months to live in someone else's shoes, so this is the same thing, times six (estimating the average film takes two months to make, multiply by 6 = one year. See? Math!). When you think of it that way, it's really not a big deal. The Machinist was more of a big deal. I can't lose two pounds and Christian Bale lost 100 or something like that.
So far in this movie, Joaquin just seems reeeealllly whiny. He bitches about everything. If the bitching doesn't stop in fifteen minutes, I might not be able to watch it. It's just so hard watching these films starring privileged people who think they are miserable. I just can't feel anything for them. Well, I don't have much to say about this movie, but I will keep watching it.
(Bri: She almost made it!)
I kept watching it and fell asleep pretty late in the movie. I won't bother finishing it, because I know I can find waaaaaay better gay porn online. (BK: Jess is referring to the numerous times in the movie we see dicks in this movie. They seemed to have a fascination with them.)