This one's definitely got potential. It looks like just what I need right now. I'm in the mood for a dumb-ass movie that has no morals and is funny as hell. Like The Hangover. Or Old School. And Hot Tub Time Machine looks like it just might fit the bill.
I have to admit that the first ten minutes are not riotously funny, not like the first ten minutes (or half hour) of The Hangover. But there are a couple of things that give me hope.
This image has nothing to do with this review or the movie. Jess shot it guerilla-style at a sad Hooters knock-off, with the camera hidden on the booth seat. And I like it. So I'm sharing it.
First, I really like the cast. John Cusack is cool. Rob Corddry is crazy. (And I'm just glad they didn't give his role to that bald Anchorman guy. I'm guessing they tried to get him, but maybe he was busy with something else.) Craig Robinson is one of my favorite new comic actors, he makes everything he's in better. And Clark Duke, well... Okay, I don't know who he is, but I like him in the first ten minutes, so that's cool.
But the main thing I like so far is that it appears that this movie isn't gonna have any morals, and it's not gonna be afraid to be dumb and/or disgusting. And that's just what I'm looking for tonight. And I'm hoping that when they actually get to the Hot Tub Time Machine part, it'll kick into high (funny) gear.
For the first ten minutes, I'm gonna give it two and a half stars, cuz so far, there's more potential laughs than realized laughs. So I'm gonna keep watching and hope that I can up my rating later.
Okay, it does get better, and it is definitely worth watching. Not as good as The Hangover for sure, but it's good, entertaining, mindless fun, and that's all you should be hoping for in a movie like this. Plus, it's the best role in years for Crispin Glover, and the best role in years... ah, hell, the ONLY role in years... for the dick from Karate Kid.
Opening sequence is pretty amazing. I hate hot tubs because I hate getting wet and sitting outside. Also, they're big germ pots, no not sperm pots, gross! Anyhow, it made me want to get in one, and that's rare. Maybe I'll go sit in the sink.
Oh, yes!! That one guy is in this, I like him. Oh, that other guy I like is in this, what's his name? The Daily Show guy, well I like him too. Yesssss! Clarke from Clarke and Michael is in this too! He is so under-rated and amazing. Watch anything with him in it, all of it, right now!
And John Cusack, who doesn't like him? He must use a nettie pot too, cuz beer came out of his nose and it seemed way too easy, he didn't even blink. Nettie pot for sure.
So this is like Sex in the city, right? John Cusack is the Miranda because he works a lot. Lou is Samantha because he is the drunk, and we all know that drunks are whores. And, um, the one guy that I like is... ah, well, never mind.
I love these kinds of movies; I am so excited that John Cusack is BACK!!! He's finally in a NON-romantic comedy. I'm so happy about this, so this movie better be good. So much expectation with a concept of a hot tub time machine, it's brilliant! Obviously will keep watching.
(Bri: She made it!)
If you want a fun, entertaining movie that is funny at times, you should watch this. It's so nice to see John Cusack back. Ahhhhhhhh...