Whew, what a relief. After a couple of movies that try so hard to be good and deep and shit, but only end up being mediocre and pretentious and shit, here comes a movie that's just trying to be stupid and funny, and it looks like it's largely going to succeed.
The first five or six minutes of Get Him to the Greek play out with a series of video clips and magazine montages chronicling the downfall of rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), in a similar fashion to the downfall of Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) at the beginning of Tropic Thunder. And it's almost as funny. It misfires in a couple of places, but for the most part, it's just good ol' un-PC fun, with Russell Brand doing a mostly-successful conglomerate of all of the bandmates from Spinal Tap. (No, this is not going to be the next coming of This Is Spinal Tap, but it should be funny nonetheless.)
Here you go, Jess. Just as you predicted, I know you love puke scenes!
Around eight minutes in, Sean Puff Daddy P Diddy Just P Combs steps in and steals the show as a record executive and Jonah Hill's boss. He's pissed off and hilarious. Hell, even the girl from Mad Men is pretty funny in the quick little scene she's given with Jonah Hill.
So I'm definitely going to keep watching, cuz I have no doubt that this is going to be a very entertaining movie, even if it ends up being more or less a throw-away movie. I'm still looking for the next Hangover, a movie that is hilarious and carries more weight to it. And while Get Him to the Greek probably will NOT be that, as long as I accept that going in, it should be just fine.
Pretty much what I expected, although I think it kind of got a little old as it went on. Still, if you're just looking for some good crude fun, this movie will give it to you for an hour and a half.
It's weird. A lot of my friends LOVE Russell Brand. They think he is super hot and hilarious and I feel like he is just average on both fronts. I want to like him, but nothing has blown me away before today, and I feel the same way about him in the first ten minutes of Get Him to the Greek. It's just the same Russell Brand being a British rock star in ridiculous music videos. I feel like this is a continuation of the relationship between Jonah Hill and Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Wait... is that it? Is it actually a continuation? Then I could forgive him for playing the same character, because it actually would be the same character. Perhaps I should look that up on the worldwide web. I will do that, hold on...
Okay, I'm back. And yes, it is indeed a continuation of sorts, so nevermind. I guess he is supposed to play the same character, so that is forgiven. But I still feel like he is playing the straight man when he is suppose to be the funny guy. Well, anyhow, I love Jonah Hill, so am excited to watch the rest of this and I hope he gets to be the funny one.
One more thing: This brand of comedy is getting pretty predictable, and I just bet someone vomits at least once in this film. There always has to be the vomit scene. I hate that.
Final comment: Sean Puffy Combs is funny! Who knew?!
(Bri: Well, she didn't fall asleep. But she gave up on the movie after about half an hour and headed off to bed. I think she was hoping for more.)
I'm going to bed. :/