Damn. Usually, action movies start out with a bang to set the mood. Or at least they start out with something of interest. Anything. This one does not. So it's kinda hard to judge it based on the first ten minutes.
John Travolta hasn't made an appearance yet, so all we've seen is Jonathan Rhys Meyers drive, go to work, do something with a car in the parking garage (espionage stuff!), and go home to mack with his girlfriend. Not exactly a thrill ride.
What I can say is this: It's produced and written by Luc Besson, so the production value is pretty high. And based on The Professional alone, there's at least the potential for this to turn into a decent action flick.
Unfortunately, the dialog has been pretty lame so far, as if it were written by a first time hack. Example: "Hey baby, what do you say we skip dinner and go right to dessert." Really? Wow. And there're other equally cheesy lines that have already slipped from the limited storage space in my brain. That space is just too valuable.
I'm going to give the movie two and a half stars, but again, I really have nothing to go on so far. If this were a script and I were a reader, I would probably pass based on the first ten minutes, cuz there's no hook or anything. However, because it's a movie and I'm just a movie watcher, and John Travolta is going to appear at some time, and Luc Besson has potential, I'm going to keep watching.
I'm guessing that Meyers might turn out to be evil, his girlfriend almost certainly will be evil, and Travolta probably will be evil, seeing as how he dropped the Phenomenon/Michael stuff a long time ago. I'm kinda guessing the bad-ass Travolta schtick is gonna be more of the the same-old-same-old that has been getting, well, old lately.
All in all, this is a pretty mediocre movie. John Travolta does indeed show up, and it indeed was the John Travolta we've come to pretty much grow sick of over the last several years. There were some okay scenes, so I guess that's something.
I sure do miss this Travolta.
Wait, is this a parody? It feels like a parody of an action film. I don't believe Jonathan Rys (Reese? Rus? RRRRrrrrs?) Meyers for a second, which makes me believe that he is actually the bad guy later in the film. The fake nerd accent is a bit much, paired with the bad jazz and puberty 'stache. You know that he is a bad guy underneath, who is a REALLY bad actor. I guess if you are busy scamming people being a bad guy, it's tough to brush up on your acting skills.
Wait, if this is an action film, shouldn't there be some sort of action? I mean, isn't that how all action films should start? Also, there is no Travolta in the first ten minutes of this film. John Travolta should always be in the first ten minutes of the film, any film. Or maybe not.
Meh, I can't watch the rest. I am curious how JT will come in, but who cares. This just looks like something I would hate.
(Bri: There she goes.)
(Bri: Not in this lifetime.)