Chloe opens with a couple of shots of Amanda Seyfried's almost-naked body, so that's cool. (Just kidding, Jess, I only see stick figures...) But that's about all we see of Seyfried in the first ten minutes of the movie.
Jump to Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, who are married but not happy. We know Liam Neeson's not happy, cuz he cheats on his wife with his young college students. Moore may or may not know about this, but it's obvious their marriage has problems, so she's not happy either.
So this is shaping up to be another downer of an infidelity flick, with an old man who somehow attracts every late teen to twenty-something woman on the planet. This comes right on the heels of A Solitary Man, no less. They might as well have used Michael Douglas for this movie too. Hell, they probably could've saved some money and used a lot of the same footage.
What are you looking at, big boy? I'm just a stick figure...
But I guess it's not Chloe's fault that the last movie we reviewed was A Solitary Man, so I won't hold that against it. The movie is not bad. I like Amanda Seyfried, and since she usually plays a semi-dumb sweetheart, it'll be interesting to see how she plays a bad-girl part (or what I assume will be a bad-girl part). I also like Julianne Moore. Even if she's the victim in this movie, you know she's gonna be a tough-as-nails victim who won't go down without a fight. And Liam Neeson's okay, I guess.
I'm intrigued to see what the chain of events will be (although some of it seems pretty obvious), and I wanna see what these actors will do with it. Also, I love a couple of director Atom Egoyan's movies, with Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter being two of my faves. So I'm gonna keep watching and see where he and the cast take it.
Well, it turned out to be a semi-disappointment. It wasn't bad, and cruised along at a two-and-a-half-star level for most of the movie, but toward the end, I kinda think it became less Atom Egoyan-like, and more Adrian Lyne-like, like Flashdance, Fatal Attraction or Nine 1/2 Weeks. These are all decent movies, but they're not of the same substance or gravity that I associate with Egoyan. Alas.
Amanda Seyfried has man hands!!! This is a shocking revelation because she is such a beautiful girl. But in the opening sequence, when she is running her hands through her hair, it's as if they had some grip on set paint his nails and do it for her. Man hands... Who knew?!
Anyhow, is it possible that the characters in this film are living in Dwell Magazine? I think this film started as a photoshoot for Dwell magazine and they just said, "You know what? this camera shoots video... Let's take this further, lets make a movie! Oooh, yeah, call Julianne and Liam!!!"
How could we possibly be happy living in such a dump?!
Why can't they knock these people down a notch? I would feel so much more for these characters if their home was just a little messed up. Throw a sandwich on the floor or something.
Okay, the movie. It looks like Liam is the evil husband who cheats on his perfect wife with teenage girls. I'm assuming there will be a twist as it's really the only way to make these types of films anymore, since there have been so many of them. Maybe the grip will appear in frame and sweep Julianne Moore away, saying, "They were always my hands"... Or not. Anyhow, I want to see what the twist is, so I'll keep watching.
(Bri: The movie is an hour and a half long, and she fell asleep fifteen minutes before the end, just when it was trying to get tense. Doesn't say much for the movie...)
Well, I figured out the twist too early and I got bored.