If I had to sum up the first ten minutes of this movie in one word, it would be: Boring as hell.
Basically, nothing happens. We see a post-apocalyptic world. We see a dead body. We see a live cat. We see Denzel shoot the live cat dead. And we see all of this rendered with some neat After Effects filters that the filmmakers used to make it look all cool and stuff.
Then we see Denzel walk. In slow motion. As if the movie weren't slow enough, he needs to be walking in slow motion.
I can't really say this movie sucks, it's too early to tell. Nothing's happened to base an opinion on. I know it has to pick up, and I know there are other characters, cuz there were other actors listed on the box. But so far, I'd take Mad Max or The Road over this movie.
At least the music is okay. And to the filmmakers' credit, we aren't subjected to a musical jolt when Denzel when Denzel opens a closet to find a hanging human corpse. (I can only hope that this wasn't one of the other actors listed on the box.)
I'm gonna keep watching, for a bit anyway. I just hope something happens.
Well, it definitely picks up. So that's good. Soon after the ten-minute mark, there's a scene where Denzel kicks some serious butt, and it actually looks pretty cool. And there were indeed other characters (including Gary Oldman playing Gary Oldman), so it did get more interesting and stuff.
But I gotta admit, I never really got sucked in, and I didn't really give the movie my full attention. I was mostly just looking for cool screen shots for Invisibles. So, um, I guess it was okay.
Well, let me start off by saying that I have absolutely no idea what this film is about. I barely remember it being in theaters. Now that I have watched ten minutes, it's obvious that it's about a man who kills a cat (a sphinx to be exact) in order to stuff him and keep him around as a buddy as the apocolypse happens around him. You know, just like the relationship between Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away. Except a bit different.
This movie looks depressing as fuck. Except for when Denzel smiles, then all I can focus on how gigantic his caps are. Why doesn't anybody ever talk about this? It's like Matt Dillon's character in There's Something about Mary.
I do like the use of Al Green's music, even though we all know that it just means that Denzel is about to have sexy time with his new cat friend.
I don't feel like watching the rest of this, so I am going to watch something mindless and happy instead.
(Bri: She just up and left.)
Never gonna happen.