It would be almost impossible not to love the first ten minutes of Black Dynamite. From the opening fake commercial for Anaconda malt liquor ("It gives you Oooooooooooh!") until the concrete block-smashing kung fu chop at the ten-minute mark, it is pure blaxploitation-spoof delight.
I can't wait to wrap my mouth around my big Anaconda!
Going in, I was expecting a movie that was about 90% Shaft and 10% Hollywood Shuffle or I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. Turns out the mix is closer to 50/50, and it's just about a perfect mix. Everything is spot-on for a spoof, and while it comes dangerously close to going too far in the slapstick direction (a la I'm Gonna Git You Sucka), it manages to stop just short, so that if you stumbled on it while surfing late-night cable, you just might... MIGHT... actually believe it's a real blaxploitation kung-fu movie from the early '70s.
The camera angles and movements are terrible (in a good way), the look is oversaturated (in a good way), the acting is atrocious (in a good way). Even when a boom mike appears briefly above Dynamite's head in one scene, the movie doesn't go too far in highlighting the "goof," and Dynamite only briefly acknowledges it with a quick dart of his eyes. This is just one of the ways the movie stays semi-subtle in its goofy badness, when it very easily could've gone over the top and made it less funny (as, perhaps, the Wayans would've done had they directed it).
I'm definitely going to keep watching, I just gotta see if they can maintain this momentum. The story that is setup in the beginning is basically the same story as any of the movies this one is paying homage to (Black Dynamite's brother is killed! And, oh my, he was on drugs!), and I gotta to see if Dynamite gets his revenge!
Well, it's definitely a hilarious movie and worth seeing, but it does wear a little thin by the end. I think it's just hard to keep up this sort of movie for an hour and a half. Still, pretty fucking funny stuff.
I think this might be one of my favorite movies I have ever seen and I have only watched the first ten minutes. It is brilliant. It looks amazing, the intentionally bad camera work and acting is right on. I am really just excited to keep watching it instead of writing this review, but I have to write something cuz Brian is typing away, so I should too.
Maybe I will just write about what he looks like when he is typing. He is very focused, like a high schooler taking the SATs. He looks down every once in a while to see what he is typing. I just now learned that he can't type without looking at the keys. Interesting. I type like a champ. I take typing challenges a lot online to keep up with my skills. Well, hopefully he is done writing soon so we can watch more of the movie.
Keep it down, Jess!
I'm trying to type up my review!
What could he possibly be writing about? Maybe he is sending a friend an email, but it looks like he is doing a review. Or maybe he is just typing to make it look like he is typing a review and it just looks like this: klrjw opklr fjkil'spf kdw mfpsj ofmz. Okay, I'm bored, I'm just gonna look up the website for Shake Weight. Oh wow, this is horrible: Oh good, Brian is done!
Well, it was still funny, but the schtick wore off pretty quickly.