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DVD News and Stuff
The Big Picture DVD - DVD news, software & hardware reviews, editorials, interviews and release schedules.
Digital Bits - DVD news, reviews, editorials, interviews, release schedules, forums and the Rumor Mill.
DVD File - DVD news, reviews, editorials, interviews and release schedules.
DVD Review - DVD news, software & hardware reviews, editorials, interviews, forums, release schedules, cover and menu galleries.
DVD Talk - DVD news, reviews, editorials, talk forums, release schedules and newsletters.
FilmBabel - More movie quizzes, contests, and reviews!

DVD Movie Board Games
Scene It? - The best DVD movie game in the world. (We might be a bit biased cuz we helped develop the content and stuff.)

Miscellaneous Movie Sites
Fantasy Moguls - A fantasy league for movies. Draft upcoming movies and compete with other players, scoring points based on how well your movies perform.
Drew's Scriptorama - Screenplays and shooting scripts for thousands of movies.
Editing Room - Rips apart movies with hilarious abridged screenplays.
eFilmCritic - Movie reviews, news and editorials with a sarcastic slant.
iFilm - Movie and DVD information and trailers, as well as online short films and animation.
IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) - You probably know this one by now.
JoBlo's Movie Emporium - Movie and DVD reviews, quizzes, trailers, screensavers, interviews and discussion boards.
Movie Juice - Very funny site with movie reviews and interviews, with hilarious video and audio clips.
Rotten Tomatoes - Links to current movie reviews from hundreds of online movie critics.
ScreenPlay - A fledgling FilmWise, with several types of quizzes, updated on a weekly basis.
The Z Review - UK Movie Portal by fans for fans.